Why choose MCM Medical?

We’ve walked in your shoes

With nearly 30 years of combined experience working as medical practitioners in the UK’s public and private healthcare sector, we can genuinely say we’ve walked in your shoes. The in-depth knowledge and real hands-on experience we’ve gained over the years means we understand what you’re looking for and what your skills are worth to the healthcare industry.

Our broad network

Based in Lancashire, MCM Medical is connected with some of the leading healthcare organisations in the region and beyond. Having worked with a number of healthcare providers during our time as practitioners, we have long-standing and meaningful relationships with our key clients. Trusted always to deliver exceptional service, many of the roles we offer are exclusive to us and not advertised anywhere else.

We handle the details

Compliance is key and candidates with their paperwork in order will always jump to the front of the queue. Our knowledge and experience mean we’re able to thoroughly manage the recruitment process to ensure you’re not waiting to embark on your next exciting opportunity in healthcare.

A service tailored to you

Every healthcare practitioner has different requirements from a role regarding hours, contract duration, location and remuneration. We want to work with you in the long-term, which is why it’s vital that we get to know you and find out exactly what you’re looking for, so we can match you with the right role from day one.